Recess Lighting Installation in South Jersey  

Recessed lighting has become so popular that it seems nearly every new home and every home remodel includes at least a few. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, many of today’s upscale commercial building designs also feature some strategically located recessed lights. Homeowners and designers are attracted to the unique beauty and superb functionality, and versatility of this special style of lighting. Recessed lights can light entire rooms or pinpoint specific items. 

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Where is the Best Place to Install Recess Lighting?

The number of recessed lights you decide to install and how you choose to arrange them should be based on the room size and configuration, ceiling height, and construction style. It should also factor in the purpose of the room and the other sources of light for the space.

FIRST: Determine what you want to use the recess lighting for.

Recessed lighting is unsurpassed for manageable lighting functions, aesthetic lighting, creating ambiance, or combining all these lighting goals within the same space.

  • Design the layout for recessed lights to illuminate work areas, walkways, reading spaces, activity corners, dining tables, art displays, kitchen countertops, and much more.
  • Accent the particular spots in the room where you want to draw attention. For example, use lighting to pinpoint a special collectible item like a painting, a sculpture, a piece of furniture, a plant, etc.
  • Design a random pattern of a few recessed lights to create a comfortable corner of the room. Add a dimmer to transform an average everyday space into a cozy retreat.

SECOND: Pick the specific locations where each recessed light will be installed.

Plan the arrangements for the furniture and other items that will fill in the empty space of the room. Then, decide which of those areas that are delineated by the arrangement you will want to accent with targeted lighting, or just plan a general layout for your recessed lighting. You may prefer just to create a random arrangement of a few pot lights in several areas of the room.

THIRD: Mark the precise spot for the installation of each recessed light.

Recessed lights are very cost-effective, offering a great value for the investment in their high functionality, versatility, and beauty. But, recessed lights can be more costly to remove than other lighting types. It involves patching the holes left in the ceiling when the pot lights are removed. So, make sure you communicate clearly with your recessed lighting installer to avoid this cost.

Use a Master Electrician for Recessed Lighting Installation.

Investing in recessed lighting is a smart way to upgrade your home’s aesthetic value. Make sure the job is done right the first time and looks as good when completed as it did in your vision for the project to install recessed light fixtures. Protect your safety and property value, and ensure you can properly realize your aesthetic design by working only with a licensed and certified electrician. Check with the Better Business Bureau, compare customer quality reviews, and obtain and compare bids before you move forward with your recess light installation in your New Jersey home.

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