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Home Electrical Panel Repair and Electrical Panel Service Upgrades Near South Jersey

DK Electrical Solutions has you covered! Contact us for an on-site estimate on the cost to upgrade an electrical panel! DK Electrical Solutions will help you move your electrical system into the modern world with our Service and Panel Upgrades. The standard for household power was once 60 amps. But modern homes may need as many as 200 amps to run air conditioners, computer equipment, high-definition televisions, and high-tech home automation devices. Your old electrical panel might not be able to handle the demand of all your new-age gadgets and appliances, which could put you at risk for an electrical failure or worse – fire.

Do you need to upgrade your home electrical panel near South Jersey?

Your home’s electrical service panel is both the heart and brains of the entire system and without it performing at 100% every day, you’re putting your home at risk.
  • Is your home more than 30 years old?
  • Are your lights flickering or dimming?
  • Do you have tripping breakers?
  • Is your panel full with no room for future expansion?
  • Is the meter box rusty?
  • Do you smell burning or see scorch marks around outlets?
  • Is the electric cable on the outside of your house frayed or blistered?
  • Need 300 amp service panel upgrades?

If you answered YES to any of these, it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade or electrical panel repairs!  Call today and find out how much for a panel upgrade in your home or business near South Jersey.

Electrical Panel Upgrades for Every Budget

We have electrical panel services to fit everyone’s budget. We offer 5 different service upgrade packages that range in price and warranty. Each option utilizes different materials which can make it nicer and longer-lasting and protect your home better. We offer financing options for all of our service and panel upgrades!
Bronze Electrical Panel Upgrade Package Badge - Master Electrician in South Jersey
  • 100-200Amp overhead service
  • Aluminum service entrance cable
  • Square D Homeline series panel
  • All corresponding breakers
1-Year Warranty on Electrical Panel upgrade badge - DK Electrical Solutions Inc.
Silver Package Badge - Home electric panel upgrade near South Jersey
  • 100-200Amp overhead service
  • PVC conduit riser
  • All aluminum Conductors
  • Square D Homeline series panel
  • All corresponding breakers
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Gold Package Badge - Home electric panel upgrade New Jersey
  • 100-200Amp overhead service
  • Copper service entrance cable
  • Square D QO series panel
  • All corresponding breakers
Electrical Warranty image - Home electric panel upgrade near South Jersey
Platinum Package Badge
  • 100-200Amp overhead service
  • PVC conduit riser
  • All copper Conductors
  • Square D QO series copper buss panel
  • All corresponding breakers with a built-in trip Indicator
  • whole house surge suppression system
30 Years Warranty
Platinum Plus Package Badge
  • 100-200Amp overhead service
  • PVC conduit riser
  • All copper Conductors
  • Square D QO series copper buss panel
  • All corresponding breakers with a built-in trip indicator
  • whole house surge suppression system
  • 240v/30amp portable generator hook up for the purposes of backup power
30 Years Warranty

QO versus Homeline Electrical Panels

Keeping the electrical supply system functioning in top condition can help you cut down on electric power bills and ensure all your appliances are safe from any form of damage. This guide looks at some of the best electrical panel types, their benefits, drawbacks, and more.

QO Panel

It refers to a particular type of circuit breaker that is fast and highly efficient for power supply applications. Plus, the circuit breaker ranks among some of the quickest opening breakers in the electrical industry. The breaker features a visual trip indicator that you can use to detect any issues in its functionality.
Buss Bars Made Using Tin Copper:
    1. These are excellent for setting up rigid power connections. These types are ideal for carrying electrical signals around. Remember that they are not suitable for use where you need flexible connections or have battery terminals.
  1. Shielded Buss bars: A buss bar is important because it works to distribute energy in various types of electrical systems. These include usage in places such as buildings, warehouses, trade fairs, and more.
  2. Suitable for Both Single and Three Phase: The single-phase power system works to calibrate the supply of power to a system based on specific factors. Usually, it’s used in most homes because it’s highly efficient and easy to manage. They are suitable for powering tools, fans, heaters, TVs, and more. The three-phase types have three alternating currents that feature different electric services. Each leg of the current can attain varying maximum voltage levels.
  3. Surface and Flush Are Sold As Separate Units: You may have to get the covers as part of the auxiliary accessory set for this unit. The cover’s benefit is that it is used when installing the load center on a wall’s surface. Plus, it’s also suitable when you mount the load center flush for setup and installation ease.
  4. Available in both traditional (Non-PoN) and PoN (Plug-On Neutral): These are options that provide the best of both worlds. The benefit of these types is that you can easily install them at specific distances on the side of the buss bars. Plus, you won’t also have to set up a pigtail connection for the entire set up.
  5. QO PoN Panels are Not Compatible with Tandems: Tandem panels are an essential aspect of the electrical set up. However, you may not be able to use them when using the QO PoN panels.

Homeline Panel

These are commonly used in residential settings and can only support single-phase systems.
Buss Bars are Tin Plated:
    1. The benefit of using tin-plated aluminum buss bars is that they offer high corrosion resistance, excellent conductivity, compactness, and excellent heat dissipation. However, the copper types are much better because they can last longer durations and provide excellent conductivity benefits.
  1. Non-Shielded Buss Bars: You may have to seek consultation from an electrical expert to use this system for the best installation result. The lack of shielded buss bars means that electrical connection is prone to issues such as short-circuiting.
  2. Compatible with Single Phase: Even if it’s still available only in single-phase, you can still use the right way to make the most of your electrical connections.
  3. Combination, Surface/Flush cover ONLY and comes standard with load centers: It also features a surface and flush cover that helps ensure the entire set up is free of exposure to elements such as dust, water, and more. The standard load centers are simple to manage but don’t provide the same benefits as the high-end types.
  4. Innovative Convertible, double row construction, Homeline load centers are Plug-On Neutral design: The convertible design means that you can easily change the functions of this system to suit different panels. Also, the double row construction is highly convenient and makes it easy to use dual tandems. With the unique homeline load centers, you are sure of a reliable panel for residential use and more.
  5. QO PoN panels do not accept tandems: Tandem breakers are highly essential resources, but they are only useful when using them on the right slots. However, since these types won’t accept tandems, you can easily customize them to suit your specific electrical supply needs.
  6. Excellent Split Branch Placement: These types are excellent because they provide high-end electrical distribution benefits. Plus, they often have an alternating current system, which is similar to the three-wire direct systems. Plus, the benefit of these systems is that they help save conductor material compared to the single-phase systems.

Beware of Sub-Standard Electrical Panels

Electrical panels are components with many parts, and they require maintenance, primarily when used in the long term. It’s especially true if you use old panels and over two decades old. Get in touch with DK electrical to get help with the following panel types:
  • • Federal Pacific Electric: According to information from the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission classifies this safety issue as the most common issue in using the panels. Plus, these are the types installed between 1950 and 1980, with such old components being prone to electrical damage.
  • • Zinsco Electrical: Fortunately, these types were released from the market in the 1970s. In most cases, they have defective structures that let power flow when you switch off the circuit breakers which can lead to fires.
If you have either of these brands of electrical panels, contact us immediately to replace these dangerous electrical panels.

Should I Repair or Get a New Home Electrical Panel?

The options are many when it comes to repairing an home electrical panel that has a defect. Our master electricians will evaluate your system and help determine the right solutions for your needs.

Contact DK Electrical Solutions Inc. for a Get an Estimate on Home Electric Panel Upgrades near South Jersey

We offer a series of service upgrade packages that range in price and warranty that will suit the wants and needs of every homeowner needing an electrical panel upgrade. Service cable upgrades and electrical panel upgrades are one of the most highly sought-after services we provide because we do it unlike any other competitor out there. We install the highest quality electrical panels, circuit breakers, and materials that can possibly be sourced. We give the customer options with our packages which are virtually unheard of in this industry and each one has a warranty some of which have a lifetime warranty.